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Feedback by Iwan Broodryk, 09/20/2023
Webprints Feedback Iwan Broodryk, 09/20/2023 Search icon is a bit confusing. Maybe I'm a bit old school, but I expect to see a magnifying glass. Consider placing "+ New Procjet" button front and center and the search bar off to the left. Space in the middle feels a little bare. For each Project below on the home page, the spacing between the Heart icon and the Share icon is a bit sparse. Is there a third button/option you can add to the middle to fill things in? Maybe an "add to favorites" button or a "save for later" button? Once support has been sent, consider changing the stance/type of robot animation. Maybe it throws it hands+arms up to indicate support request successfully sent. When publishing a new project, if I have multiple images uploaded, which is selected for the preview? Can I define which image is selected for the preview? Just an idea, it might be better to place the project image and the project STL/misc. file repository in two seperate upload spaces. Right now they both fall under one. If you make them seperate then the user will know to populate it is two things that need to be filled because the look empty. Something like that, I'm rambling. When I go to down load the project, there is an "About Project" text file. I think a more professional-looking file format would be PDF and in the style of your main site. Generic of course. Also, in the downloaded project files I get this for example: "c0b7173c-b520-4eeb-a901-ad545d1597f3-VAWT_Retainer_Fitting.stl" as the file name. What's all that gibberish leading up the actual/original file name. Can't that be removed? For basic project information I see printed weight of filament, what about recommended infill %, wall count, or need for supports?

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